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Management Message

Saad Nazir

Chairman Blue World City
CEO Blue Group of Companies

BGC-IGC Consortium is going to be an engine for economic growth in Pakistan. The timing of its origin coinciding with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and its areas of focus i.e. real estate and construction signify the collaboration’s plan to play a major role in Pakistan for socioeconomic development and collective prosperity. In this regard, BGC-IGC is fully utilizing its diversified portfolio ranging from education, hospitality, technology to recreation and media for nation-building, in the years ahead.
BGC-IGC Consortium has a global footprint and it is always a matter of great pride for the group to represent Pakistan at the highest international business forums for a positive image-building of our homeland and our people.

Ch . Nadeem Ejaz

CEO Blue World City
CEO Imperium Group of Companies

With CPEC turning into a reality, Pakistan is poised on the threshold of success. It’s the right time to take the right decision and work collectively for realizing some shared dreams of prosperity.
BGC-IGC Consortium, the confluence of two fast-growing business groups in Pakistan, is primarily engaged in real estate development and construction. These two sectors are making a huge contribution towards the national economy, by creating business, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. The group’s other areas of interests including education, technology, retail, hospitality, automobile, trading, marketing and food enable us to offer a complete range of services to our clients in Pakistan and abroad. BGC-IGC Consortium is all set to lead Pakistan into its golden era, in the coming days.

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